Full-time web developer, part-time comic creator with short stories in Fablewood and the Harvey & Eisner winning Popgun. Currently residing just west of the largest city in Canada.

Spent a good portion of his childhood believing one day he'd grow up to be Batman. Not 100% convinced it's still not true.

You can find Scott in a few other places around the Internet as well:

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Heart of a Warrior - 09/29/2022
Just wanted to draw something for fun! I always forget that a good mix of fantastic and whimsical is not a bad thing. I tend to swing to ...

Some Posca Experimentation - 09/23/2022
Decided to pick up some Posca markers and try them out! Our whole house was sick over the weekend, so we all had some down time to create ...

XXXI. Ripe - 03/02/2020
It was nighttime now. The stars were out in a full array of twinkling brilliance. Not a cloud could be seen in the sky.

Old ...

XXX. Catch - 03/01/2020
When Ghost woke that morning Old Crow was gone, his nest empty.

Ghost follow the ragged trail of feather and blood Old Crow ...

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