Full-time web developer, part-time comic creator with short stories in Fablewood and the Harvey & Eisner winning Popgun. Currently residing just west of the largest city in Canada.

Spent a good portion of his childhood believing one day he'd grow up to be Batman. Not 100% convinced it's still not true.

You can find Scott in a few other places around the Internet as well:

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Twilight Spirits - 11/28/2022
I have been working towards a particular style, perhaps even subconsciously for quite some time. Some highlights were vibrant colours, ...

Beverly Hills Cyborg - 10/09/2022
Some t-shirt ad somewhere caught my eye and I wondered 'What would that guy look like with a universe on his head?' A fun little ...

Heart of a Warrior - 09/29/2022
Just wanted to draw something for fun! I always forget that a good mix of fantastic and whimsical is not a bad thing. I tend to swing to ...

Some Posca Experimentation - 09/23/2022
Decided to pick up some Posca markers and try them out! Our whole house was sick over the weekend, so we all had some down time to create ...

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