Full-time web developer, part-time comic creator with short stories in Fablewood and the Harvey & Eisner winning Popgun. Currently residing just west of the largest city in Canada.

Spent a good portion of his childhood believing one day he'd grow up to be Batman. Not 100% convinced it's still not true.

You can find Scott in a few other places around the Internet as well:

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Green Goblin - 12/19/2023
The consummate villain, Green Goblin! This is another character who I’ve always felt either works incredibly well, or can be overwrought ...

Spider-man - 12/18/2023
The man himself, and arguably Ditko’s most recognizable character. I know Spider-man has consistently been one of my favourite characters ...

Eternity - 12/17/2023
I absolutely loved the galactic characters in the Marvel roster as a kid, particularly Silver Surfer. Characters like Galactus and Eternity ...

Electro - 12/16/2023
I always got a kick out of this costume as a kid. Revisiting it as an adult and while nostalgic, it is an interesting look to say the ...

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